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Effective 7/6/16, due to a legionella outbreak in New York City, New York State enacted legislation that requires all owners to register all cooling towers with the Department of Health through their website.  As part of this legislation, legionella testing and inspections need to be done no more than 90 days apart on all cooling towers.  These new regulations make it challenging to stay up to date and maintain compliance.  Let our service department help keep you compliant!  Please contact our office for pricing and information.

New York State also requires all cooling towers to be certified by November 1st of each year.  In order for us to certify your cooling tower, you will need a water maintenance program and plan in place.  B&L Control Service Inc. is equipped to assist you in creating a plan that is customized to meet your facility's requirements.  Please contact our office for further information.  

Click HERE to go to the NYS DOH website for more information on the regulations.

Click HERE to register your cooling tower with New York State.

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